安室奈美恵やEXILE ATSUSHIなど国内トップアーティストはもとより、クリス・ブラウンやスヌープ・ドッグ、ザ・ジャクソンズ、チャカ・カーンなど国境を越えた数々のレジェンド・アーティストとのコラボレーションも多数。


そして、2020年、次世代リーダーが集まる⻘年版ダボス会議「One Young World Japan」オフィシャルアーティストに就任し、「Not So Different」がテーマソングに決定。SDGsメッセージソングとして、AIがいま最も伝えたい想いが込められた曲となっている。同曲のRemixには、最重要アーティストのAwichをフィーチャリングに迎え、音楽ファンのみならず話題となっている。

2022年2月リリースのニューアルバム「DREAM」収録の「アルデバラン」の大ヒットを経て、5月から12月の期間、AI “DREAM TOUR”と題した全国35公演、10万人動員のTOURを開催中。


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Japanese R&B star AI moves freely between pop, hip hop and dance, combining American soul with the deep emotion of Japanese ballads. Her international reputation has grown with exciting collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Trey Songz, Lloyd, Jeremih, Boyz II Men, KNaan, Judith Hill, Rain, The Jacksons and Chaka Khan.

With her trademark husky voice, she instills soulful undertones into everything from inspirational ballads to upbeat dance numbers. Especially in Japan, her music is known for its strength and substance. Despite the fame she’s achieved, her down-to-earth personality shines during every performance. As AI will tell you, she’ll do anything to get a smile from her fans.

Her music diversity even stretches out to co-producing a single with the legendary producer Scott Storch contains a full message of SDGS actions, which became a theme song to take a part in global action, One Young World Japan”, encouraging and supporting next world leaders globally as an official Japanese ambassador.

And crossing more nations in creating hits and live performances from Asias leading HIP HOP crew MJ116 to a recent collaboration with a Japanese top pop icon Daichi Miura exposed in numbers of terrestrial TV broadcasting, AI actions expand in wider and deeper by featuring a promising rapper/deva Awich, and new hope ¥ellow Bucks making massive feedback on street and digital markets.

With her latest studio album DREAM containing above promising tracks along with a lead TV drama theme hit single Aldebaran”, AI will go one the road for the DREAM TOUR from May throughout the year nationwide.

With a strong, soulful sound, Japanese R&B phenomenon AI is poised to take over Japan to the world with her inspiring message of love and happiness.

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